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How-To: Make a payment

Using, you can pay your dental bills online without the hassle of mailing your payments or calling them in. The steps below guide you through the payment process.
  1. From your Dashboard, press Make A Payment within the My Account box
  2. Enter the statement code provided by your provider (on your billing statement) and press Verify
  3. Be sure the provider is correct in the confirmation window and press Confirm
  4. Enter your credit card/transaction information and press Confirm Payment Information
  5. Verify that the transaction information is correct and press Submit Payment
  6. The payment result window will then be displayed where you can print the receipt or return to your Dashboard
Receipt Example

How-To: Print a receipt

You have the ability to print a receipt for a payment you've made at any time. Once you've completed a successful payment transaction, press the Print Receipt. If you wish to print a receipt from a past payment, simply follow the directions below.
  1. From your Dashboard, locate the appropriate payment
  2. Press the printer icon located to the right of the payment record
  3. At the top of your receipt preview, press Print This Page [as shown]
  4. Select the printer to which you wish to print
  5. Press the Print button
Payment Result Example

How-To: View a statement

You have the ability to view statements sent electronically. To view your electronic statements, simply follow the directions below.
  1. From your Dashboard, press Statements within the Group box
  2. The Statement History will display. This will display all electronic statements sent.
  3. Locate the statement to be reviewed by selecting View
  4. The statement will be available to view

How-To: Edit your profile

Your personal information may change over time which may require you to update your personal accounts. To edit your information that we have on file, simply follow the directions below.
  1. From your Dashboard, press Edit Profile within the Group box
  2. Change the information that needs to be updated
  3. When you're finishing making changes, press the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page
  4. If updated successfully, a success message will appear [as shown]

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